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Suzhou Baotu Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd

Suzhou Baotu Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. adheres to the business philosophy of "technological production, continuous innovation". Our company has been committed to the field of intelligent devices for decades. We focus on the innovation and development of underwear automation equipment. The core R&D team has mastered key automation technologies and is at a leading level in the industry. The products include simple screen printing machines, pressing machines, dispensing machines, and other equipment.

In 2017, Baotu intelligent cooperates with German enterprise to launch SENSBond environmental protection paste. We are also the exclusive supplier of German SENSBond paste in Asia. With excellent bonding properties, SENSBond breaks through the limitations of conventional seamless underwear adhesives. It enlightens a better seamless technology. Meanwhile we integreate a set of solutions for the positioning and dispensing technology equipment. Productivity can be increased 2-4 times, greatly reducing production costs.

We focus on customer needs and aim to promote Technology Environmental protection Safety Efficiency service concepts. Providing seamless technology and innovative intelligent equipment for seamless technology production and related fields around the needs of customers. We are making bonding technology more efficient, comfortable and safe with innovative products and automated solution.

Advantage description

Company R&D

Our company's core R&D team has mastered key technologies for automatic screen printing equipment, and multiple patented technologies are at a leading level in the industry.

Product diversity

Our products cover trendy printing equipment such as simple screen printing machines, pressing machines, dispensing machines, etc.

Cooperation with foreign enterprises

In 2017, Baotu Intelligent collaborated with German companies in research and development to launch SENSBond environmentally friendly formula adhesive. Some internationally renowned brands such as CK and VS are already in use. We are now introducing German SENSBond environmentally friendly formula adhesive and becoming the exclusive supplier in Asia

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